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Birmingham City Council

04th June 2018

Client: Birmingham City Council
Project location: Birmingham
Project duration:
Project completion:

David Phillips works with Birmingham City Council, providing a range of services to customers who are vulnerable and are in need of additional support. Birmingham Council have decided to utilise David Phillips as a one stop shop for all residents, which includes; delivery and installation of white goods, furniture and carpet as and additionally, removal and disposal/recycling of furniture and white goods.

David Phillips provides furniture, furnishings, white goods and flooring to Birmingham City Council  for residents who are eligible for a Community Care Grant (Local Welfare Fund). This service requires the delivery and installation within a given timeframe of 5 working days.

We have been working with the Birmingham City Council since 2004.  From 2013, we have supported the Council in meeting the needs of its’ Local Welfare Fund (Community Care Grants). We have fully met the service levels required. We have provided excellent service with a ‘jobs right first time ratio’ of 99% +. In addition, we have delivered significant community benefits as part of our wider core strategy.

In terms of continuous improvement, we opened a Birmingham branch which has created 7 new jobs. We specifically opened the branch in an area identified by BCC and recruited through BCC’s economic employment team, taking candidates directly from the unemployed register.

We deliver a significant number of products under this contract. In the financial year to Apr 2015 we delivered 130,094 products to residents within Birmingham with a total value in excess of £2.8 million. Within one month of David Phillips acquisition of The Furnishing service England we were able to identify cost saving which could save Birmingham Council in excess of £50,000 per annum.

David Phillips have developed a very good relationship with Birmingham CC to the extent where within 24 hours’ notice we have assisted them in providing furniture for a pop up fair ran by BCC.

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